About AIP



The American Indian Party (AIP) is a non-profit American Indian civil rights organization empowering American Indians through various public outreach efforts, advocacy work, community education programs & cultural events.  AIP works tirelessly to increase public awareness regarding the issues that impact American Indian communities.  AIP functions as an IRC 501(c)(3) non-profit & operates as such under IRC 508(c)(1)(B).

AIP was formed by American Indian activists & leaders who saw the need for aggressive, non-traditional advocacy efforts aimed at addressing the issues impacting American Indian communities.  AIP provides a much needed layer of insulation for individual American Indians that serve on government affiliated boards/commissions, tribal councils, etc.  AIP provides individual American Indians with the ability to take firm public stances on controversial issues without fearing that their tribe, organization, business &/or family will suffer retaliatory actions inflicted by various opposing stakeholders.

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